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                Media reports

                • Color requirements for traffic signs

                  1. The warning slogan color of traffic signs is usually yellow with black edge or black picture. The collision is usually equilateral triangle with the top Angle up. 2, if the slogan of the traffic sign refers to some ban signs, the manufacturing requirements are white, red circle, red bar, black picture, during which some exempt from stopping overtaking, exempt from the planning of the speed limit sign for white, black circle, black bar, black picture, picture pressure bar. This kind of sign is planned to be circular, and the giving way sign is set as an equilateral triangle with the top Angle facing down. 3. The color of some directions in traffic signs is blue and white. The shape

                  2022/03/21 HuanLi

                • Making method of speed bump

                  In the road traffic accident prone area, often laid speed belt, to prompt and help drivers slow down, reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents. Speed bumps are generally plastic or cement speed bumps that protrude horizontally and are fixed on the road. When the vehicle passes through the speed belt, the driver often takes the initiative to slow down in order to avoid excessive vibration of the car, so as to achieve the effect of slowing down and reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents. However, the reality is different. After speed bumps, even if the speed slows down, the vibration frequency will not be reduced significantly, and now the car damping performance is getting better and better, leading to the driver often ignore the existence of speed bumps and fast through, experienced

                  2022/03/20 HuanLi

                • How to pay equal attention to practical and beautiful electric telescopic door

                  First of all, the stainless steel electric telescopic door is firm and strong, and the anti-theft effect is good. In the production of materials, qualified electric telescopic doors are made of stainless steel plate materials, and the thickness of the steel plate is generally more than 1.5 mm, strong and firm; In terms of skeleton, the electric telescopic door structure design is compact, and it is not easy to open the lock by extending tools from outside; In terms of locks, stainless steel anti-theft doors are tested by the Ministry of Public Security testing center with anti-drill function anti-theft door lock. Combining these factors, it can be seen that the anti-theft function of stainless steel door is particularly good, and can protect the property of the company and other units. Secondly, stainless steel electric telescopic door is not perennial

                  2022/03/19 HuanLi

                • Electric telescopic door how much one meter

                  1, low grade door body price 400-600 yuan/m, middle grade 600-100 yuan/m, more than 1000 yuan/m; 2, track head 2000-3000 yuan, trackless 4000-5000 yuan. 3, a 12 meter telescopic door, choose the more common crown door series, trackless motor. Price is 700×12+4500=12900 yuan 4, electric telescopic door quotation: six hundred to three thousand pieces between one meter 5, aluminum alloy 340-980 yuan/meter single and dual track motor 1300-1500 yuan/trackless motor 2300-2500 yuan /

                  2022/03/18 HuanLi

                • Charge booth maintenance

                  1, usually should give it clean and clean every day with a soft cloth to gently sweep the dust above the wall and the dust above the table and chair to keep clean. 2, use a clean wringing mop to drag the wall. 3. Do not use acidic solvent to clean the surface. 4, usually do not hang sharp items in the booth above let it bump, and scratch. 5, the surface grease, oil, lubricating oil pollution, with a soft cloth wipe clean, after using neutral detergent or detergent to wash. 6. If there is acid attachment, rinse with water immediately, then soak with ammonia solution or neutral carbonated soda solution, and then wash with neutral washing or warm water.

                  2022/03/17 HuanLi

                • Coordinate and realize intelligent control and management of channels

                  Bridge octagonal swinging gate is an intelligent channel management equipment after years of careful development, research and production. Bridge octagonal swinging gate is a high-tech product mainly for intelligent management of personnel channels. The equipment will be mechanical, electronic, microprocessor control and identity recognition organic integration, through the selection of identity identification system equipment and the use of performance protection device, alarm device, direction indication, as well as the expansion of friendly LED counting display interface, coordinated realization of channel intelligent control and management.

                  2022/03/16 HuanLi

                • The function and functional features of intelligent gate in parking lot management system

                  The damage of the gate to the normal operation of the parking lot management system is not a small blow, will make the whole system can not normally handle the vehicle in and out. The brand new parking lot gate launched by Doer Intelligent control is a solution for parking lot managers. It adopts triple protection of photoelectric switch limit, mechanical limit and timeout limit. The gate surface adopts paint baking technology, bright color and anti-hit function.

                  2022/03/15 HuanLi

                • What should we pay attention to when purchasing electric telescopic doors in living quarters

                  Electric telescopic door structure of community. The first is the net flower. The second row linkage is not as good as the third row linkage, the single sliding is not as good as the double sliding, the four holes of fork material are not as good as six holes, and so on.

                  2022/03/08 HuanLi

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